12-Year-Old Boy Praised by LGBTs for Dancing Se*ually to Fight Homophobia

young boy at pride

This is extremely disgusting and troubling. Is this the future you choose??

A 12 years old boy was praised by LGBT members for using s*xually explicit “dance moves” to “fight homophobia.”

The organized “LGBT” has long lusted for the abolition of all age of consent laws. While not all “gays” are child abusers, pederasty has been a central aspect of the homos*xual lifestyle since the days of the Greek bathhouse.

Many people are shocked, after a videos shows young boy grinding and twerking at a 2015 Gay Pride event, while LGBT attendees gathered around him, watching and cheering.

The boy was shirtless and wearing tiny short-shorts while dancing s*xually in the middle of a circle to RuPaul’s song “Sissy That Walk.”

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