Angelina Jolie To Send All 6 Children Back An Orphanage To Focus On Her Upcoming Movie

brad and children

LOS ANGELES – According to latest reports, Angelina Jolie has decided she does not want her 6 adopted children anymore and is reportedly sending them back to the orphanage to focus on the upcoming film Maleficent 2, which she agreed to star in.

Many are stunned by the separation of one of Hollywoods most loved couples. According to reports, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce after she found out Pitt was having an affair with Marion Cotillard.

However, probably even more shocking than that, came afterward when Jolie told reporters she would give away her 6 beautiful adopted children, telling reporters “These children remind me of that lowlife scumbag i used to call my husband, i never want to see them again, i’m sending them to Africa. I need to focus on my career and Malificent Two, which i will be in.” finished Jolie. Pretty odd decision considering not all 6 of her adopted children are African, in fact, only 2 of them were born in Africa.

As for Brad Pitt, he refused to speak to any reporters on the decision Jolie is making for her children. We will update you as soon as more information is revealed.


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