15 Year Old Girl’s “Snapchat Pimp” Arrested


31-year-old man arrested last week was the girl’s “Snapchat Pimp,” selling subscriptions to access private pictures and videos of the girl, a criminal complaint filed Wednesday alleges.

Jacob F. Medina, (Reportedly, he is the 5th person arrested on charges of sexual assault with the same teenage girl.) was charged after the 15 year old girl told police he repeatedly had s*x with her at his home, where he lived with his girlfriend and children.

According to the complaint, filed in Dane County Circuit Court. In one instance, they had s*x while Medina’s 6-month-old son was in the room.

Medina was jailed on $3,000 bail and ordered to have no contact with the girl or with anyone under 18.

The girl also told police that Medina told her that she could make quick money by selling n*de photos and videos of herself through Snapchat.

According to the complaint:

The girl told police that because she was too young to have a Paypal account to collect payments, Medina created her Snapchat account and a means for him to collect subscribers’ money. She said, she had 400 to 500 subscribers to her private Snapchat account.

The girl told police that she posted images and videos to her Snapchat account daily, and said that Medina told her to do it, and also told her that they needed to keep the relationship secret.

On April 7, Police were contacted after coordinator at the girl’s school found her pictures in sexual situations on an iPhone that the girl had borrowed. The phone had no calling service, but could connect to Wi-Fi for Internet access.

The coordinator told police that she took the iphone from the girl because she was using it “irresponsibly,” then discovered the pictures.

Last month, John Gilbert, 46, and Brian V. Holmes, 37, were charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child by use or threat of force for alleged assaults of the girl in and near a motel on Madison’s South Side.

The girl has also alleged that Gilbert took her to his house, where he photographed her having sex with other men.


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