Beyonce’s Cousin Says “Rappers and Nightclubs Wants Me BAD!!!”


After the picture of Beyonce with her cusin at her uncle’s funeral went viral, the woman that stole the spotlight from Bey is speaking out.

The lady in the blue dress deemed as Beyonce’s cousin, made headlines everywhere for upstaging Beyonce. She finally comes clean about the picture, and tells TMZ nightclubs and rappers are getting in contact with her.


Kristin Douglas appeared on “TMZ Live” and said she had no idea her sister Kelsi Leggett (left) posted the pic on Instagram, and Kelsi says she even blocked Kristin from viewing the pic because Kelsi knew Kristin didn’t like it.

She told us a bunch of nightclubs wants to hire her and some admiring rappers wants her in their videos…



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