Cheating Man Publicly Exposed By His Two Girlfriends

Cheating is becoming very common these days.. So when two girls realized that their boyfriend was playing them both off against each other, the smart girls hatched a scheme to publicly expose him.

The two girls publicly humiliate guy in the middle of a mall after they realized their boyfriend was the exact same guy.

It footage filmed on a phone starts with the first girl ‘Sam’ leaving a lift and walking up to her supposed boyfriend, while he cosies up to the second girl – who he has no idea is in on the scheme.

girls caught guy cheating

As she approaches them she loudly asks: ‘Do I get a hug?’ Upon seeing the girlfriend he’s cheating on says: ‘Son of a f**king bitch!’

The first girl repeats the question and he aggressively shouts: “Is that your big f**king joke? Is that the big joke? Did you think that was funny?” He then turns to the second girl, but she tells him that she knows he’s a two timing scumbag. Left with nowhere to go he pulls on his coat and goes to leave.

As he walks away the girls taunt him, shouting, ‘Oh come on Sam!’ and that’s when things turn creepy. Rather than just walk away the guy begins to walk back to the girls.

cheating girls

He purrs to the second girlfriend, ‘You’re still cute.’ The angry first girlfriend then begins to berate him, shouting: “What’ve you got to say? Anything? I’m a f**king bitch that’s what you said.”

He then continues to approach the girls forcing them to back away until one blocks his path saying: “Stay the f**k away from her” He continues to approach and the girls shout, ‘don’t, don’t’.

Eventually a brave bystander steps in stopping Sam’s advance and the girls run off. Seriously, what a psycho…

See The Video :

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