CIA Runs the Afghanistan Opium Production and Trade


CIA agent accuses the US government of trying to frame him, as he is about to release a book that will “blow the lid off the CIA’s drug smuggling operations in Afghanistan”.

Afghan war veteran, Eric Lockhart, 42, who retired from CIA recently; has been convicted of possession of child por**graphy, accusations he claims “its a US government setup” to stop the publication of his book, “The CIA in Afghanistan – 30 years of drug smuggling”.

“Its all a setup… Its a desperate attempt by the United States government to shut me up” he said in court. “If I’m going to face jail time, I want the truth to be known before they try to get rid of me in prison” he told the judge. “I’m not scared of their threats, whatever happens, I will never shut up”.

Mr. Lockhart refused to answer any questions concerning the child por**graphy possession charges, and kept talking about CIA drug smuggling related events in Afghanistan.

“I’m ashamed to admit of being a part of these drug smuggling operations in Afghanistan. I tried to convince myself that we were doing it for the right cause, this burden is destroying me inside and I just can’t stand it anymore.

The CIA has been smuggling drugs everywhere in the world for the past 60 years, in Taiwan in 1949 to support General Chiang Kai-shek against the Chinese commies, in Vietnam, in Nicaragua.

We helped the Mujahideen develop poppy cultivation to fight the Soviets, but we took back matters in our own hands in 2001 when we invaded Afghanistan under Bush” he pleaded.

The former Army intelligence officer, Afghan war veteran, and recipient of the Combat Action Badge, Purple Heart, and the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, has been sentenced yesterday to nine months in jail followed by three years of probation.


9/11: A pretext to invade Afghanistan

Mr. Lockhart, claimed that the 9/11 terrorist attacks where in fact staged by United States government and a “pretext” to invade Afghanistan.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is presently financed by the CIA’s alleged heroin smuggling operations with the purpose of “destabilizing governments of the Middle East” and “toppling non-US allied country leaders, such as Bachar Al-Assad in Syria” to “secure beneficial oil deals for the US and allied countries”.

drugs in afghanistan

Afghanistan is the greatest opium producer in the entire world.  Afghanistan is the main producer of opium in the “Golden Crescent”. Opium production in Afghanistan has been on the rise since U.S. occupation started in 2001. Afghanistan is also the largest producer of cannabis (mostly as hashish).

Last year Mr. Eric Lockhart was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and later he received a medical discharge.

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