Cockroach Gave Birth Inside a Teen’s Ear

cockroach inside ear

Li of Guangdong, a 19-year-old man, woke up in the middle of the night after his right ear began itching and hurting. He rushed into the hospital and asked for examination but nothing was found inside. After several times examining via flashlight still it was useless.

Later in the morning, the pain grew stronger and stronger. Li went to the hospital again where a senior doctors examined his ear. After an hour long checkup and several tests, it was found that there is a big female cockroach inside his ear. The Female hatched more than 25 small bugs. The size of the baby cockroaches is near to the size of a standard mosquito.


The doctor who treated Li, said that thanks to the quick intervention, the patient prevented significant damage to his ear. Later on, all the bugs were taken out by a vacuum suction pump and the guy’s ear was cleaned and medicines were provided.

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