Guy Catches Fish, Shocked To Discover Snake Inside Its Mouth

Judging at how unappetizing this fish looks, I gather this was not gathered for food. Whatever, whoever caught this horrible little fish probably didn't expect...

Is Your Bae Is A Thot!

If you are not sure whether or not your girl is being a thot when you’re not around? Here’s a list of things you...

Women Reveal How Important Junk Size Actually Is

size does matter
Does size matter? It’s a question which has plagued masculinity since time began. Some argue the size of your tool most certainly matters, while...

50 Cent Sued and Bombarded with Hate For Mocking Autistic Guy

mocking janitor
50 Cent has come under fire after posting a video of himself mocking a guy who has autism at a Cincinnati airport and accusing...

Transgender Man Pregnant by Transgender Woman

A transgender man is pregnant by his transgender female partner. The transgender couple met on Facebook, Diane Rodriguez is a 33-year-old a transwoman who used...

People Who Post Gym Selfie Have Psychological Problems – The Selfie-Mad

selfie mad
Every one have at-least that 'ONE' friend who will post pictures on social media every day about what he did, what he ate, where...