Donald Trump Threatens Ted Cruz’s Wife


Donald Trump remind you that you win a presidential election by insulting your opponent’s wife.

Trump delivered a cryptic threat to Ted Cruz’s wife Tuesday night, saying he would ‘spill the beans’ on Heidi Cruz if attacks on Trump’s wife, Melania, persisted.

racist tweet by president

Trump’s tweets referred to an ad from superPAC Make America Awesome – an anti-Trump group that has no affiliation with Cruz’s campaign – which featured a racy photo of Melania Trump.

leaked picture of trump wife

NOW, some may actually want to vote for Trump after seeing what their future First Lady could look like…

Cruz, responding to Trump’s tweets, called the real estate mogul ‘classless’.

It’s seems like trump has some secrets about ‘Heidi’ but not exactly clear what ‘beans’ Trump is threatening to spill. Many believe Trump has some leaked private photographs of Heidi.

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