Drake Says “I Smashed Nicki First” Meek Mill Is Just Mad

First Nicki Minaj flooded twitter with a series of tweets questioning why her video for “Anaconda” wasn’t nominated by MTV for video of the year. Later, Meek Mill goes on twitter to carp about people who doubted he’d reach the level of success he’s currently enjoying.

And then, Meek Mill started to tear down Drake for “not writing his own raps/lyrics”. Meek also claimed that drake didn’t write the verse he spit “R.I.C.O.”

meek tweets

Things escalated quickly as Drake responded…

“Meek acting like me and Weezy ain’t run a train on Nicki in 2012, Meek just mad cuz I hit it First”

“Everybody in the 6 know I write my own bars! He think he Gucci Mane but he really more like Pucci Mane, but hey what do you expect from a Grown Azz Man on the ‘PINK’Print tour?”

Drake set out the following tweet claiming he smashed Nicki, But deleted the tweet within 10 minutes…
drake tweets about meek

According to reports it is believed there is a ‘leaked video’ with Drake smashing Nicki froggy style while Drizzy’s sophomore album ‘Take Care’ is playing in the background – But Nicki had the video/s*xtape removed from the Internet. It is also said that the tape was made while Nicki has been in relationship with Meek.

The Turning point was when Drake Tweeted a photo of Nicki Minaj dancing on him in one of her Videos.

drake with nicki

A member of drakes’s crew says…

Meek is not selling and he’s frustrated, drake did 400K with zero promotion and he did 165K first week with a million dollar budget so there is no competition, but I guess that little 165K records he moved and the fact he’s Nicki’s B*tch Boy now has all went to his head.

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