Father Knocks Out Bully Who Insults His Family

FLORIDA – A 25-year-old beach bully learned the lesson hard way after he harassed a mother and daughter at a beach. The video starts with the bully at the beach insulting a group of women.

protective father
The 44 year-old father calmly confronts the young bully and tried to reason with him. But the thug who seems to be drunk keeps on insulting the man’s family and says, “I’m going to knock this old a** dude out, bro. I’m f**king 25 years old, and you’re all stupid c**ts and stupid dykes.”

father knocks out beach bully

The bully then tries to hit the old man but, the old man easily dodge his attack and gives the lad a lightning jab to the face. Boom! He’s knocked out cold!

bully and young woman
Watch the full video below:


Never insult or threaten a woman – a wife or daughter to be precise, especially when the father is right in front of you.

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