Girl Catches Dad Cheating While She’s With Her BF In The Kitchen


An 18-year-old girl f*****g her boyfriend in the kitchen got the surprise of a lifetime when she caught her dad with his mistress… at the same damn time!

The hilarious story, which ended up on internet, thanks to her boyfriend, since went viral…

My GF and I had just finished in town, so I walked her home, on the way home we were both being a little flirty. After reaching her house, long story short I had her over the kitchen counter very quickly. About 20 seconds into it we hear rustling coming from the closet, instinctively, I pulled out, zipped up. (didn’t get to finish) She opens the closet and out falls her dad, straight away my stomach drops because he was one of those guys who made it clear I wasn’t to touch his daughter anymore than a peck on the cheek, but then in the back of the closet was a woman id never seen before (I knew both parents) and it was pretty obvious that Papa-girlfriend had been doing the naughty naughty with another woman. The dad scrambled to his feet, disregarding the fact that I and his daughter just caught him cheating, and came straight at me, without a second thought I was out the door and down the road, I have no idea what’s happened since ive left, im waiting for a reply from my girlfriend, ill keep you all posted.

Update 1: nothing yet, it’s pretty late though, if she hasn’t replied by the morning I may go over make sure she’s ok

Update 2: first things first, apologies for the sh*tty grammar and punctuation, ive always been bad at that. Girlfriends mom knows and apparently sh*ts going down at their house, im getting ready to leave my house now and head over for a ‘family + boyfriend discussion’ I don’t think I’ll get hurt.
Extra info for clarity: – Girlfriend and I are 18 we both live with our parents until uni starts next Sept. – Her dad is a lot bigger than me, I wasn’t gonna stay around and get my head kicked in, I knew he wouldn’t hurt his daughter, he may be a scumbag, but he’s one of those dad’s who loves his daughter to much to hurt them. Ngl, her wellbeing wasn’t my first thought when he ran at me — Mystery woman was in fact a coworker of the dad. =- I didnt get bummed by her dad – I’m not one for blackmail, I would’ve had to come clean no matter what, even if gf hadn’t said anything.

Update 3: I just left her house, basically, her moms furious at her dad (obviously) but she’s ‘not surprised’ at mine and her daughters actions, not sure what she’s tryna say about me. the dad didn’t speak to me the entire time, awkward af between us. Girlfriend Is also furious at her dad but assures me nothing will change between me and her. for the best I think the parents are going to decide what happens between them over the next few days. The mom is currently trying to get in touch with the other woman, I wish I could be there

Catching your girl’s dad cheating on her mom is a priceless story we’d all share with our friends, but writing about it afterward (with updates, too) kind of makes you a hoe.


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