Girlfriend Lies About Abortion to Sell Her Baby to a Gay Friend

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A pregnant woman allegedly lied to her ex-boyfriend into thinking she had an abortion so she could sell their baby to her gay friend.

The woman slept with a friend in a one-night-stand, which she described as a “drunken mistake”.

She told her gay friend about the baby and he started purchasing clothes for the child. She said, “He really wanted to bring her up and look after her. We found out it was a girl, so he had all the girl’s clothes sitting in the house.”

However, later the woman discovered that her ex-boyfriend was the father but decided to try and sell her friend the baby since he wanted the child anyway. Of course, the woman denied this and said, “It’s definitely not true. I never received any money from him, ever. I can see what it looks like but it’s not true. I am being honest.”

Police documents confirm that the woman did make plans to sell the baby but never received any money. The investigator involved in the case told the woman, “There is a suggestion he gave you money for having a child for him? He [the gay friend] told us it was your idea.”

Additionally, the woman didn’t put the child’s biological father on the birth certificate. Instead, she put her gay friend even though she knew that he wasn’t the child’s dad.


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