Girlfriend Pranks Boyfriend on Birthday by Gluing him to Chair

Your birthday is 100% your special day, even if no-one except your mum cares about it once you pass the age of 10.

However, your girlfriend is an exception, because she’s supposed to love you and she has to care by default. So when this lad thinks he’s getting a willy kiss for his birthday he has no reason to expect any different.

When his other half puts a blind-fold on him he thinks he’s in for some Eyes Wide Shut type smut. It’s all going great, best birthday ever, then he sits down and is instantly stuck to his chair.

His girlfriend has laid waxing pads out on the seat and as desperately as he wants to escape, it is futile.

What follows is superb.¬†Watch below…

If your girlfriend does this, You need to kick her out of your life…

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