Amazing Migration Beneath This Deep Ocean, Which Only Happens Twice A Year

The world is 71% water and 29% land but we haven’t explored the deepest of the ocean yet and we didn’t even know what really lies beneath. Thee are so many still to be discovered creatures living in the deep blue ocean.

rare goldren stringrays

Imagine looking at these numerous triangular creatures just beneath your keel while traveling across ocean. Would you be amazed or scared?

scary creature

This epic scenario only happens twice a year when these golden stingrays are migrating in the Gulf of Mexico to warmer waters.

annual migration of stingrays

The shade of ocean becomes golden when these stingrays move in group with about 10,000 individuals.

golden stringrays in ocean

Golden stingrays are shy and pose no threat to others, unless they are cornered or being threatened.

rare sea creature

Golden stingrays loves to feed on shellfish. They uses their flexible fins to catch food by quickly slapping them in the sea floor, they pick up the sand flows of water and find hidden crabs, clams and oysters, which they then feed by grinding them.

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