Grandmothers Arrested For Beating a Young Woman

old womans

Two grandmothers/senior citizens have been arrested and charged for beating up a 33-year old woman who asked for a little privacy at the checkout counter, according to police reports.

Reportedly, Myrtle Ruth Smith, 63, and Mary E. Wannamaker, 80, attacked Amanda Parker at a Li’l Cricket store in Pacolet, South Carolina.

According to Spartanburg County deputies, it was when the victim asked the women to give her some space while she was entering the PIN code for her debit card at the checkout register the drama began. Smith and Wannamaker were offended by Parker’s polite request and started making derogatory statements about her.

The police report says that the 33-year-old defended herself, paid for her items and turned around to leave. This is when one of the elderly women allegedly spat at her, when Parker turned around one of the women then slapped her.

Myrtle Ruth Smith, 63, and Mary E. Wannamaker, 80, then both viciously attacked Parker, with the assault moving out into the parking lot.


The victim told deputies that the women punched her and hit her with jugs of windshield wiper fluid and a purse. Amanda Parker who says she recently had back surgery, says she was in intense pain.

Based on witness statements and camera store images, Wannamaker and Smith will be charged with second-degree assault and battery, deputies say.


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