Cheap Hoverboard Exploding Caught On Cam!

Hoverboards are the latest and hottest trend. As always Chinese manufacturers saw the cash opportunity and produced substandard hoverboards for a cheaper price. But cheap/low-cost hoverboards comes with a bargain – safety.

People were shocked after reports of hoverboards blowing up and catching fire emerged online. The quality low cost hoverboards deteriorated due to those counterfeits. This is why this self-balancing scooters have been confiscated in the UK and banned by the US Postal Service from shipping via plane.

Many people on social media have posted videos of hoverboards exploding, a youtuber BuleBritish experience it first hand when his brand new hoverboard catches fire during his first test.

cheap hover

Reportedly he bought hoverboard from eBay, charged it overnight, and tested it the next day. However, his first ride didn’t go as planned, the scooter didn’t move an inch. After several attempts to make it work, his hoverboard suddenly burst into flames!

new hoverboard explodes

Watch the video below..

The reason why hoverboards explodes is the cheap/low quality wiring, parts and defective lithium-ion batterie used for its manufacturing. So if you’re planning to buy cheap hoverboards, think again. Better buy a bike instead of cheap hoverboard.

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