Husband Caught Cheating Wife With Her Bestfriend’s Husband

cheating wife with friend

My friends wife was over a couple of weeks back and was ranting that her husband is still at it, that it appears he had the OW over to their house recently. She stopped by while he was not home and it was obvious to her he had been screwing around.

Bed a mess, wine glasses, and an ashtray with cigarette butts in it and an empty pack on a coffee table. Ironically the same brand my wife smokes. Also notable, my wife is the only one out of our circle of friends that still smokes. It rang a bell to me of SOB! The OW could be my wife!

I’ve never looked at our wireless bill. If it’s the same month to month, I just pay it and move on. With electronic billing, I’ve not felt the need to look through. I casually excused myself to go pay bills, and looked at the wireless bill and there were dozens of calls to the woman’s husbands number. All very short. Dozens of text messages to boot. If beginning to feel sick now. I then looked at our Uverse account, and saw a second email account. Foolishly, she didnt realize the email account could be accessed using the website where you pay the bill. It confirmed to me she was the other woman. I didn’t read each carefully as it made me want to faint, but have downloaded them to a flash drive I have for safe keeping.

I had to leave on a business trip the following morning. She was her usual self. Very affectionate as she always is with me. We both have iPhones and I gave the iCloud feature activated on all of our devices.

When I landed at my destination, I checked it and she was at where she works, no doubt from the picture. Sent her a text that I made it fine and she replies “miss you, love you” as usual. I check again toward the end of the day and I see she is at her friends house. Resisted the urge to call. It happened every day I was gone between 3-5 pm.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. I go to play golf with my dad. She knows that that can take over 5 hours. When I went to pick him up, he wasn’t feeling well, so I just stayed and visited voicing some of my concerns over what I thought might be up.

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