Husband Caught Cheating Wife With Her Bestfriend’s Husband

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I check iCloud, and low and behold, it shows her to be at her friends house. I leave right then and her car was blatantly parked in front. Again resisted the urge to do something stupid. I left a post it note on her car saying “we need to talk, NOW!” and left for home. I called her as soon as I got home telling her I cut golf short and am home. Could sense surprise in her voice. 15 minutes later she sheepishly walked into our kitchen. That told me everything I needed to know. She tried to sidetrack me but I called BS. Told her what I thought was going on and would assume to be the facts until she could prove otherwise.

She starts sobbing, an I told her to take off. She packed some things and went to her parents. I called them after she left and they hit the ceiling. Completely dumbfounded them. I texted her AP I know everything and he had best back off as his world was about to crash in on him otherwise.

My question now is what do I do now?? My gut reaction is to toss the cheating whore to the wolves. Not only did she screw me over, she screwed over her best friend. I told her years ago when we were dating, this would be a show stopper if it ever happened and I would expect no quarter either.

I don’t understand why she would do this. I’m not sure it can ever be explained sufficiently. Right now I hate her guts, but I want to keep myself from blowing the bridge up too soon. For the life of me, I cannot think of anything I’ve done, or neglected her in any way that would bring this on.


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