Jared Fogle “The Subway Guy” Attacked and Beaten In Jail

the subway guy

Jared Scot Fogle also known as “The Subway Guy” reportedly attacked and beaten in jail by inmate after he was caught bragging about his attraction to children.

Jared Fogle got a surprise beatdown in federal prison from an inmate who has major issues with child molesters.

An inmate named Steven Nigg pushed Fogle down and then unloaded a barrage of punches to his face. Nigg, who’s in for a weapons charge, left Fogle with a bloody nose, swollen face and scratches on his neck.

60-year-old Nigg got a small cut on his left hand from delivering the whuppin’.  Nigg’s family and they’re not surprised.

Recently, Jarad told former journalist, the great lengths he would go to satisfy his desires. In the audio recordings, being heard publicly for the first time, Jared Fogle discusses his interest in children.

“I had a little boy. It was amazing,” Fogle allegedly said, in response to an inquiry about being with children. “It just felt so good. I mean, it felt—it felt so good.”

“I like all ages. That’s the thing I mean. It depends…who is ready for what. You know, who’s going to give you the glance.”

The people that are hated in prison are rats, snitches No. 1, and child molesters” a convict-turned-consultant tells reporters.

We spoke to Nigg and he said:

“We heard the tapes and since he likes foot longs so much that’s just what he got before we took care of him. He really thought it was a game but now he knows we mean business, if you like molesting kids and come to prison Uncle NIGG got a surprise for you”

The convict-turned-consultant warned that Fogle will be branded a “chomo” — prison slang for a child molester — the second he walks through prison doors. “Nobody wants to have that jacket on them, the chomo jacket. He will be attacked and most likely will be killed” he said.
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