“Kids Dying over Jordans is Not My Problem” Michael Jordan


Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan told a Footaction employee during an in store sneaker signing that kids dying over his sneakers is not his problem.

He’s here to sell shoes and receive a check, because that’s all he signed up for. “I mean I’m sad, but it’s just not a problem that I could fix” Said Jordan explaining that him speaking up on kids dying over his $200 dollar sneaker is just not going to solve any problems. “They want to buy my shoes. Not hear me talk.”

Michael Jordan shoe related death’s has reached over 10,000 since the release of his first sneaker in the 80’s and it just seems to increase year over year as they become more exclusive and hard to come by. “You know how many Asian people have jobs, because of my shoes? My sh*t boost the economy”

Jordan revealed that he wouldn’t speak on the matter no more in the future, but did say he has plans to release a special edition New Years Eve retro that is sure to have the kids going crazy. Source: Footaction Employee

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