Man ‘Rises From Dead’ After Being Buried Alive In Grave

A man has ‘risen from the dead’ after being discovered alive in grave.

dead man walking

According to reports, the man was found at the Caju Cemetery, in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes in Brazil, by relatives of a person buried at the plot after he was reportedly attacked and left to die in the tomb.

Reportedly, the family were visiting the cemetery to pray when they luckily noticed its cover had been moved, at first they believed that it was an act of vandalism but called the police after they found bloodstains on the edge of the tomb.

dead man found alive in grave

Later, firemen were called to remove the cover. After lifting the lid, they found a severely injured man lying inside who they believe could’ve been the victim of a brutal attack.

rising from dead

The injured man was then taken to the nearby Hospital and his health state has been reported as stable. The police have confirmed they are carrying out an attempted murder investigation.

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