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daughter of president
daughter of president
obama daughter

Husband’s Sidechick Humiliates His Wife On Facebook

If argue with your husband’s sidechick on internet, she will defiantly force you to admit that YES, you know your husband is cheating on...

Mother Arrested After Forcing Child To Do Bong Hit

WASHINGTON - Mother of a 22-month-old son has been arrested after she allegedly forced him to smoke marijuana out of a bong. An anonymous handed...

Woman Arrested For Spying on Boyfriend

bugging girlfriend
CHICAGO - A women has been arrested this morning for allegedly bugging her ex-boyfriend's apartment with cameras. Jennifer Bling, 23, bugged her ex-boyfriend’s apartment with...

Bully Picks On A Harmless Kid, But When He Fights Back…OMG

knock out
Nobody likes a bully and when victims of bullying fights back better be prepared as they will definitely kick the sh*t out of you. This...

Little Brother Gets His Sister in Law Pregnant After Failed Condom...

brother gets sister pregnant
The story of a little brother who got his brother's wife pregnant after a failed prank has went viral in less than 24 hours,...

Mia Khalifa Diagnosed With Hiv Positive Disease

Adult Star Mia Khalifa Diagnosed With Hiv Positive Disease. Currently she is being treated under supervisions of famous doctors.