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founder of facebook
founder of facebook

Couple Wins $420 Million after Betting on Donald Trump

A couple from Utah just won $420,32 million after betting on Donald Trump for the presidential election. Frank and Drothy Miller were so deeply convinced that...

‘Sex Roulette’ Is A Scary New Game Being Played By Teens

hotel with ladies
No game has ever been as worrying as this. Teens in Spain are reportedly playing 'Sex Roulette', a game where people take part in group...

Woman Wins $8 Million Jackpot, Casino Claims Machine Malfunctioned

A woman in Oregon hit the $8 million jackpot at a Lucky Eagle Casino slot machine, but could not claim her money. Veronica Castillo took...

Gay Couple Kicked Out Of Uber Car For Kissing

uber driver kicks gay couple
  LONDON - Corey Watts and Jordan Sloat, the proud gay couple, were traveling from Covent Garden in London when driver kicked them out of...

Pastors Are Burning Themselves to Protest Gay Marriages

  Supreme court ruling recently extended equal rights to more Americans! First Slaves, then Women, now shockingly Sodomites ! Biblical law was always the cornerstone of...

How Obama Punished His Daughter For Smoking Weed

Recently Barack Obama said he used to have ‘a little blow’ of weed every now and again, adding: ‘the last time I was high I...