Mia Khalifa Diagnosed With Hiv Positive Disease

The most famous movie star Mia Khalifa is recently diagnosed with HIV Positive Infection. As the girl was shooting with 2 other people, the industry remains in a fear of an outbreak.

“This is the 5th case in this industry in the past 10 months.  Its not about that we are loosing our actors, its about all the humans. This infection is scary and for us, all human lives anywhere on this planet matter.” said Director Barney Hive.

A moratorium is ongoing  on shooting in the film industry following the news of Mia Khalifa testing positive for the disease.

The industry is considering increasing the frequency with which its stars take HIV tests from 28 to 14 days.

Mia is now under treatment along with her family and friends in Us. Lets hope the further results come out good for her.

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