New Pong Pong Fruit is Killing Hundreds of Americans


The latest fruit in majority of the states of the U.S is the Pong Pong fruit. Its size can vary from a small ping pong ball up-to a size of a standard ball. In Medical terms, its called Cerbera odollam or commonly known as suicide tree in India. Its very rich in proteins and tastes so unique. But It blocks calcium ions in the heart muscle thus results to a fatal disruption of heart beat. Due to irregular manner of heartbeat, a person dies on spot. Even the doctors cannot control the heartbeat. According to research, it is estimated that 3 people per week are dying due to eating this fruit in U.S.


This plant is common in India and other parts of South Asia. And is usually exported from there. Its known for its unique taste but it can take one’s life because of the toxic substance present in this fruit is very hard to trace. If its tree is in a polluted area and is not taken care of then it becomes toxic.

The Tree Which Is Responsible For Hundreds Of Murders And Suicides - TheNoChill

The shipment and online ordering of these fruits should be monitored and as well as banned to protect the lives of people as this fruit can be used for suicide or harm innocent people as well. Authorities from around the world should spread awareness about this deadly fruit. Don’t forget to SHARE this to your friends and family!

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