New Study Shows “B-Jobs” Reduce The Signs Of Aging


NEW YORK – A new study released by the Rockefeller University Research Center reveals the answer to the long searched “Fountain of Youth.” Annually, Americans spend more than $12 billion on plastic surgery, Botox and injections trying to turn back the hands of time. Finally, this new study will put an end to most of that spending – because this true anti-aging solution is FREE and has men excited, sharing the news!

Researchers have revealed that “B-jobs” given on a daily basis, have actually shown to improve firming and toning in facial muscles. These facial “exercises” can be performed in the morning and evening as part of your regular anti-aging beauty regimen. These exercises also increase circulation and blood flow to the face, which results in a healthy, rosy glow.

You might expect a dermatologist to emphasize only skin-care products and techniques but younger skin starts with the nutrients that reach it from inside the body.

So, just like going to the gym and lifting weights tones your body, these “acts of kindness” to your significant other, works wonders to the muscles on your face.

During this study, 200 volunteers (90 were women and the other 110 were men) performed these “exercises” daily for six weeks. The results showed that wrinkles were reduced and the appearance of jowls and sagging necks virtually disappeared.

So, before you go out and spend thousands of dollars with a plastic surgeon to tone your face, try this exercise clinically proven to turn back the clock and make you look at least 10 years younger after just six weeks!

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