New York Man Reaches Pennsylvania Trying To Catch Verizon Signal


NEW YORK CITY/ ATLANTA CITY – A man set a record by walking over 156 Miles to catch Verizon signal on his mobile. George Basanio, 25, who embarked from his residence at 10pm on 22th May’ 15, reached Harrisburg, PA in the wee hours of 24th May.

“I was on a call with my long distance girlfriend, based in Harrisburg. Unable to hear her properly with voice cracking several times in between, I decided to take a stroll outside my building compound to catch the network. I never knew I would almost end up at her residence in my endeavor to do so” said Mr. George Basanio and hugged his girlfriend.

“Having reached Harrisburg now, I want to take a moment to thank Verizon for ‘literally’ bridging the gap between callers,” he said with a huge smile on his face.

“But I soon realized that I was confusing network bars/indicators with battery bars,” he disclosed.

Mr. George Basanio just didn’t stop there but went on and on to praise Vodafone.

Having Verizon connection teaches you a lot and makes you a man. On my way I encountered several other fellow Verizon users, but not many had the strength and determination to go for the kill. They gave up after just traveling few miles. It’s not a child’s play to survive on a Verizon connection, you see.

I would recommend Verizon subscription to anyone trying to lose weight. It is the best possible cardio exercise and best part is that it is just a by product of you trying to achieve something else,” a 10 kg lighter and fitter Mr. George Basanio said.

Having become one of the rare human beings to catch full Verizon signal, Mr. George Basanio has now decided to write a book “Discover the Verizon signal in your mobile”  to help all Verizon users who struggle daily.

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