How Obama Punished His Daughter For Smoking Weed

obama weed

Recently Barack Obama said he used to have ‘a little blow’ of weed every now and again, adding: ‘the last time I was high I was deciding my major’.

Malia, Obama’s daughter has just turned 18 and at Lollapalooza, she’s got a bit of a taste for the weed too.

The world went crazy when videos of Malia twerking and toking went viral dew days back…

A tweet from White House journalist Kate Bennett, Obama thought it was only right that he took Malia for a little walk.

But what did Barack actually say to Malia on their infamous walk? Well that hasn’t been revealed but surely he didn’t kick off too much.

Who knows, maybe they shared a joint on the trail and just waited for the whole thing to blow over.

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