15 Year Old Girl’s “Snapchat Pimp” Arrested

31-year-old man arrested last week was the girl’s “Snapchat Pimp,” selling subscriptions to access private pictures and videos of the girl, a criminal complaint...

Model Shares ‘Di*k Pic’ On Social Media To Highlight Online Abuse

pic of junk in dm
I'm a little ruined. A photo posted by STINA SANDERS (@stinasanders) on Mar 25, 2016 at 6:10am PDT The London-based Model Stina Sanders is now speaking...

New Study Says: Using Phone Before Sleeping Can Make You FAT”

using phone
According to a new study by health expert using mobile phones before bed could result in weight gain. In a video, Dr Daniel Siegel explained...

Armed Robbers Are Using POKEMON GO to Lure Players into Trap

Missouri suspects used app’s geolocation feature to target ‘unwitting victims’., says police after another incident saw game lead player to dead body. A warning...

McDonald’s Serving “McGangBang” Secret Menu Sandwich

McDonald’s has confirmed that the long rumored ‘Secret Menu’ does exist. You can order from the secret menu just like any other sandwiches. McDonald's is...

Why I’m Not Crazy, You’re Just A D**k

why girls are crazy
Men call women crazy for two reasons. The first is to shut them up. The second is because it’s easier to do that than...