P0RNHUB launches BangFit App to Get You Shredded by Making Love


P0RNHUB has stolen hours from our daily lives by dictating how we j*rk off. The leading site in p*rnog*aphy is now set to give back to the community because of its new app called BangFit.

BangFit is designed to get you in shape by making its users to do  “$exercise”. Due to these special exercises during love, you can shred your body and become lean muscular. This task must be completed by one, two or even more players.

The only cost involved in taking part is purchasing the BangFit Band. This helps attach your phone to one’s waste and regulate a score based on the motions you perform. Becuase the band is on waist of one, the other can see and perform accordingly. The app works by performing motions in sync with the instructions being received.

BangFit developers told:
BangFit is designed after exhaustive research through the thousands of $exercise studies and articles. Due to such research, we have consult it with health and fitness experts and professionals. And also cross referencing that with anecdotal evidence on what are the most fun s*x positions.

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