Pokemon Go App Angers Thousands After Showing a Black Emoji being Shot

Pokemon Go app angers thousands after showing black Emoji being shot

Nintendo spokesperson Paul Frankburg said

“It wasn’t our intention to come across the wrong way… We were just trying to say Black Lives Matter”


The craze of the early 2000’s game Pokemon, is back and its bigger than ever. Millions of people have been going wild over the new app “Pokemon Go”. It allows its users to use their real-time location to catch hundreds of the games fictional characters. Some controversy was caused when some people realised that the characters on the game had turned from monsters to a running black man emoji.

“We knew something wasn’t right because the ball was a gun and they were faster and harder to catch… One looked like a blood wearing J’s” 

Nintendo plans to give unlimited Pokemon balls for the rest of the week to its users for the mix up and hopes those that were offended continue to use the app.

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