Police Officer Chokes Two Students During Spring Break Beach Brawl

Video footage of a police officer choking out two men who are believed to have started a brawl on a beach has been going viral since posted on social media over the weekend.

The cop clearly takes no prisoners as he subdues the suspects one at a time, cuffing one before moving on to the other, who starts fighting with other students after getting involved.

One of the men, identified as Justin Lewis (the second man the officer chokes) claims that he intervened to help his friend and denies that he assaulted the officer.

When I got there, my friend’s face was blue. He was already passed out before he hit the ground and the cop was just not letting up. I got marks, banged up. There’s times in that video I have my hands at my side. I’m tapping, tapping out.

A legal expert told local news reporters that the officer should not face much issues with any complaints of excessive force, as the video shows the two men are clearly resisting arrest, despite Lewis’ claims.

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