Possessed Woman ‘Spits Blood’ As She Battles Exorcist

demon in woman

A video has emerged online of a woman, who was reportedly ‘possessed by a demon’, contorting unnaturally and spitting out blood as a priest exorcises her.

The footage, which was posted on social media with the title ‘Devil possession’, shows a woman, clearly in distress, writhing on the ground with a red liquid, similar to blood leaking from her mouth staining her white shirt.

The ‘possessed’ girl is sitting inside a strange chalked symbol and several men put their hands on her shoulders, ordering her to stand in Spanish. Once the ‘demonic’ woman’s on her feet a shirtless man begins barking commands at her, but she begins to hit herself.

Reportedly there’s been a huge boom in demand for exorcisms, which some have put down to Pope Francis’ frequent references to the devil.

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