Prankster Faces Massive Backlash after Prank On Girlfriend Goes Viral For Wrong Reasons


Brad Holmes, a well known internet prankster, has struck again, but this time he’s gone too far and people are letting him know it.

In the latest prank video, Holmes creep up on girlfriend Jenny Davies while she is asleep on the sofa before chopping out a clump of her hair, reports the Daily Mail.

He posted the video on Facebook with the title I thought my girlfriend needed a haircut. SAVAGE! 

He then wakes her up saying: “Jen, I’ve a present for you, open your eyes,” holding out the hair to show her. She looks in the mirror, touching her hair while Brad bursts out laughing.

Jen was pretty upset, screaming: 

Oh my f**king god, my hair! What have you done to my hair? Why would you do that?

Are you taking the f**king piss? You pack your sh*t and get the f**k away from me.

Majority of people didn’t see the funny side and commented – Brad had gone too far, writing: 

If this is real then you’re an absolute bastard mate, can’t believe someone would do something as childish and insulting to his woman for the sake of a few f**king Facebook likes.

While A-Level law student Jamie MacArthur wrote:

This is actually classed as a Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.

Brad replied to many, trying to put any criticism to rest.

Let’s have this right. I love Jen more then words can explain, I obviously expect people to think that I’m a prick for doing this, which is a fair comment.

We’re cool, happy as always. I’ve still got a lot of making up to do.

But just to let everyone know I already booked her hair appointment for a brand new weave tomorrow before doing this.


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