Woman Having An Affair With Her Boss Creates Instagram Account To Show Her luxurious life

Couples having affair keep their forbidden relationship hidden as much as possible.

But, this woman created an Instragam account to proudly document and show her lucrative affair with her boss.
This gorgeous woman from Shanghai has an affair with her boss.

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Being with him, she attained a luxurious lifestyle. And she boast it on social media through Instagram.

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She then shares stories of her strategically sleeping with her boss. And shows the world what her affair has given her.

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This hot city girl claimed that the affair has kept her well-to-do with bonuses and pay raises. Thus provoking anger and disgust among citizens. Many were dismayed on her actions which they believe is scandalously immoral behavior.

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Aside from love, what is the driving force that makes people submit to this kind of relationship especially in women? Well, it’s none other than money – the root of all evil. Men with money and power tends to take advantage on gullible women, but there are some who willingly chose this path to have a financial security.

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