Sixth Grader Suspended For a Year After School Confused A Maple Leaf For A Marijuana Leaf

mapple leaf

OHIO – American schools have had their wards suspended or severely punished on unjustifiable grounds. Instead of being role models, these schools have gone a step further than just punishing their students – they have humiliated, persecuted, and criminalized their pupils to the point of no return.

And not every kid has been as lucky as Ahmed the 14-year-old ‘clock maker’ who instantly became a ‘bomb maker’, after his school had him arrested for being an enthusiastic student who just wanted the teachers to see his invention. Since his arrest, and subsequent release, been invited to visit the White House, Facebook and MIT.

A sixth-grader is suspended for an entire year by his school. The kid is charged in court for marijuana possession.

He was found with a Japanese maple leaf in his possession that the school thought resembled marijuana!

The kid is currently on probation, on the strict disciplinarian rule that he’d be searched for drug possession EVERY day, at the beginning and end of a school day.

The consequence of his ordeal led the kid to become withdrawn and depressed, experiencing frequent panic attacks and losing all hope for a successful future.


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