Strangers Saves A Woman Who Was Being Beaten By Her Abusive Husband Publicly

The physical violence against women is increasing day by day around the world. Most of these incidents happen in private but some heartless men inflict domestic abuse in public, like this guy.

husband beating wife in parkinglot

Fortunately, two strangers intervened to save the helpless woman from her barbaric husband. A random man captured the whole incident on camera of an abusive husband beating his wife with a baton.

abusive husband caught beating wife

They yelled and cursed at each other as the husband tried to convince the men not to meddle with the couple’s fight. The random stranger went to check if the woman is ok, only to see her legs covered in bloody cuts.

wife beaten by abusive husband

But the brave men stopped the offender and began beating him and this scuffle bought time for the wife to get off the vehicle.

strangers save woman

However, the abusive husband took a chance, drove off and just left his wife in the parking lot. The couple’s argument began when the husband refused to buy food for his wife.

The 52 year-old perpetrator Douglas Beckham, was arrested and charged and is now in Oklahoma County Detention Center.

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