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Interracial Relationships – Why Black Men Date White Women

Interracial Relationships and why black men would rather date white girls.... The white girl topic is like the elephant in the room right now. Everyone...

Pictures Of Rich Kids Of Drug Cartel Bosses !

Money, drugs, guns, cars, exotic animals. The kids of drug cartel bosses show some pretty bizarre things on social media. The money Mexican drug cartels...

The Most Beautiful Women of 2015

beautiful woman f 2016
They say there’s someone out there for everyone. Yet looking at these stunner’s, it’s hard not to wish that someone would be these gorgeous...

Father Has Pregnant Daughter Beheaded For Disobeying

daughter beheaded
A man has been arrested for allegedly having his pregnant daughter beheaded because she had married a family servant against her father’s wishes. According to...

Existence Of Pokemon: Live Pikachu Is Caught In Africa

AFRICA – World and scientists are shocked after reports emerged that people of a local village in Kenya have captured what appears to be...

China is Exporting Human Meat to African Supermarkets

China have been processing human meat. The grisly images of human meat being processed, went viral on social media.