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MMA Fighter Farts In Opponents Face

Do you remember Rikishi's stinkface, probably one of the most brutal moves ever delivered in a WWE. This is no different, in the midst of...

Prison Director Suspended After Twerking In Prison For Inmates

head of prison
COLOMBIA | Claudia Patricia Giraldo Ossa, who is prison director at Villahermosa jail, was recently pictured twerking in front of hundreds of inmates at a...

“DOOMSDAY” is Closer Says Atomic Scientists

end of the world
The Bulletin of Atomic Science reported that we are getting closer and are just 3 minutes away from "Doomsday". Kennette Benedic the CEO of Bulletin...

China is Exporting Human Meat to African Supermarkets

China have been processing human meat. The grisly images of human meat being processed, went viral on social media.

Hot Teacher Retires After Mayweather Hires Her To Teach Him

“READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER ASS-ETS. EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NICE TOO” Said Floyd Mayweather on Instagram after revealing he hired...

Angry Girlfriend Throws Acid On Boyfriend’s Manhood After Scandal Appears Online

acid on guy
A guy got the nightmare of his life after his girlfriend poured acid on his manhood, causing permanent damage. Apparently, the-25-year old guy Humphrey Khoza...