Texas Man Kills Wife After She Agrees To Have A 3some And Brings a Black Guy

Texas Man Kills Wife After She Agrees To Have A Threesome And Brings Random Man
She wanted me to go second after this big d**k MF. How the hell am I supposed to follow that?

Said 38 Year old James Belvold after his wife brought a 23 year old male escort she found on Backpage. This happened after the couple agreed to a night of wild s*x and a threesome.  Police came to when the neighbors reported a 6ft 5in black man running down the street with his D*ck out knocking over trash cans.

It Looked like a Baby Leg. I sat there and cried while they went at it. I thought they would never finish

No charges will be filed against James Belvold at this time. Its due to the fact that his wife had agreed to the s*xual acts and was found with 3 boxes XL cond*ms and bottles of Lube.


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