What You Need To Do If You See Blisters Or Sores On Your Genitals

Blisters Or Sores

All women can get vag*nal Blisters Or Sores. Actually you don’t have to be s*xually active, you don’t have to be unclean, and you don’t have to be anything in particular. You just need the right anatomy. Genital sores may appear as small, red or flesh-colored bumps and blisters. Sores may also change appearance and become crusty or larger, or there may be no other symptoms aside from their appearance and prevalence around the vag*nal area. However, some female genital sores may be accompanied by symptoms, such as:

  • itchiness
  • pain at the site
  • pelvic pain
  • persistent pain
  • burning
  • bleeding
  • discomfort when urinating

They can be ovular or circular and may feel like a gel bubble when touched. They might appear as clear colored blisters, or they may be very red, possibly turning very dark in the center as the blood inside ages. You should make a difference between typical STD blister or bump and non – STD related va*inal or vulvae blister because they are not the same. An ordinary blister pretty much resembles any other blister, and may contain fluid or blood.


The exact form of treatment depends on the causes of genital sores. Topical and oral medications are used to treat the sores and relieve pain. Your doctor may prescribe:

  • antibiotics
  • antiviral medications
  • corticosteroids
  • pain relievers
  • hydrocortisone or other anti-itch drugs

Other genital sores don’t require treatment, but you may have them removed if they’re bothersome. An example of a sore that doesn’t require treatment is a noncancerous cyst. Other self treatments include a good soak in a hot bath.Soaking in the water encourages them to rupture naturally and painlessly. You should not open them yourself because that would make you more susceptible to infection. Just let them run their course naturally and the healing will take place on its own.

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