Wife Caught Cheating Husband With Her Best Friend, Beats Both Of Them!

Being cheated on is painful, but what’s even worst is when you’re being cheated on with none other but your friend. In this heartbreaking story it is the best friend who ruined a relationship of a husband and wife.

One woman learned that not all friends should be trusted when she caught her husband and her best friend in hotel room while they were making love.

woman caught red handed in hotel

She caught the illicit couple red-handed and in full action. The scorned wife beats both of them with her high heels. But instead of trying to calm his wife, the cheating husband only protected his mistress from the beating.

wife beats cheating husband

Apparently, the cheating husband chose his mistress over his wife. It is believed that they had already two children.

caught in hotel room cheating

Watch how they got caught:


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