Woman Confront Man Trying To Film Up Her Shorts

creep caught filming

AUSTRALIA | A woman woke up from a nap on a train to notice that the guy in front of her was filming up her shorts. The creep was trying to hide his phone in the cracks between the seats.

The victim Tegan Portener said in a Facebook post:

“Halfway to Newcastle I woke up from a nap with my knees up in shorts and noticed he was filming me from underneath his chair. He did it for another half hour until I finally mustered up the courage to tell him to stop.”

That’s when Portener decided to pull out her own phone to film the whole thing.

tegan upshort

The footage shows the man’s iPhone being slid underneath the seats with the camera lens visible and pointed in her direction. And as if he wanted to make it even more obvious, you can see his fingers re-positioning the camera every few seconds.


After she was done filming, she told the driver about the incident and the police were contacted. It’s now been reported that the creep has been charged.

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