Woman Suffering From Chron’s Disease Hasn’t Gone To Bathroom In Years

38-Centimeter Long Finger Found In Egypt! Is That Nephilim Finger?

giant finger
The images of a 38 centimeter long finger found in Egypt left researchers clueless. The finger even has a certificate of authenticity and X-Ray...

Baby Elephant Crushes Hunter To Death Who Tried To Kill Him

ZIMBABWE - The 55-year-old hunter, Ian Gibson, was trying to poach for elephant tusks. The baby elephant he was trying to kill crush him,...

Identical Triplet Sisters Gets Married Same Time And Confuses Grooms

Identical Triplets
29 year old triplet sisters, Rafaela, Rochele and Tagiane Bini from Passo Fundo, southern Brazil, tied the knot same day at the same ceremony,...

Man Caught His Girlfriend Cheating On Him With His Own DAD

cheating gf caught
Being cheated on is painful as hell. But what’s even more heartbreaking is finding out that you’re being cheated on with your own blood...

Kanye West is DEAD – Current Kanye is an Illuminati Clone

Kayne West is a Clone. Check out the video below why people believe it’s not the real Kanye… https://youtu.be/lgJjhdsnqHk

Donald Trump Will Implement a Yearly Purge If he Gets Elected

Donald Trump in his recent interview with local media stated that the U.S. is heading for a food shortage. Due to which something must be done...