‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Confuses People With Expanding Bum


‘World’s hottest weather girl’ has sparked a fierce debate after she wore a figure hugging dress which left viewers speculating if her ASSets had been enhanced.

Yanet Garcia, shot to worldwide notoriety after TMZ and Playboy described her as a ‘girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast.’

Cancún ☀️??? #Mexican ??

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But now, Ms Garcia, has left viewers wondering if she has had her bottom boosted after wearing another risqué outfit which pronounced her behind to such a cartoonish degree that it looked more like a sturdy bookshelf than a real bum.

The criticism has been pretty harsh, with critics branding her the girlfriend of Donald Duck and alleging she’d stuffed a pillow down her dress. While another joked: “Sue your surgeon. He’s botched this one.”


A photo posted by Yanet Garcia (@iamyanetgarcia) on

A critic of Ms Garcia ,claimed that she needs to be less distracting.

If this woman was a true professional she would pay more attention to her job and not her tight dresses.

If she’s well known it’s because of her bottom not her work.

What a shame that she takes pleasure out of the fact people speak about her butt and not how well she does her job.

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