‘Drug-Dealing’ MOUSE Captured Who Brings Cocaine and Cannabis Behind Bars For Prisoners

BRAZIL – Police chiefs at Barra da Grota Prison have seized 40 packets of cannabis and more than 20 containing cocaine which the mouse is believed to have taken to inmates.

Prison chiefs have captured a mouse inmates had been using as a drugs courier to bring them cocaine and cannabis. The animal was trained to move between wings with the drugs tied to a piece of cord attached to its tail.

Officials at the jail put the mouse on display and said:  We thought we’d seen everything but this is definitely new. The animal is so tame it even lets itself be stroked. The inmates tied a length of cord to the mouse’s tail and used it to take drugs and other materials from one wing to another.

The mouse was discovered when guards spotted it walking around with the cord attached to its tail. They followed it and after they captured it were surprised to see it had been domesticated to such a degree it liked being stroked.


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