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  • Black Santa in Shopping Mall Causes Internet Meltdown

    An African-American Santa Claus at Minnesota’s Mall of America has found himself at the center of a Twitterstorm after a deluge of disapproving tweets criticized his hiring. Larry Jefferson-Gamble may have the bushy white beard and eyebrows, old-fashioned granddad spectacles and warm smile but that wasn’t enough to satisfy many who were upset at the […] More

  • Man Lights Up Blunt in Courtroom After Judge Drops His Child Support

    “SO HAPPY I CAN AFFORD TO NOT SMOKE REGGIE. LOUD PACK HERE I COME.” Said Raphael Saggleton briefly before he was arrested for marijuana possession while attending court on a child support hearing. Mr. Saggleton celebrated by putting one in the air after a rare win of a judge reducing his child support by half. […] More

  • Father Tells Son He Wish He “Pulled Out” After Son Reveals He’s Gay

    “THAT PREMATURE EJACULATI0N SPERM AIN’T BOUT SHIT.” A Los Angeles preacher Jim Berry told his son that he wishes he pulled out of his mother/wife after the 17 year old revealed he was gay. “I WANTED HIM TO PLAY PRO BALL. NOT PLAY WITH OTHER MEN BALLS.” Jim Berry says he still loves his son, and […] More

  • Canadian Militia Vows to Protect Borders from Illegal Americans

    A Canadian militia seems to have taken Donald Trump’s victory very seriously fearing hundreds of thousands of illegal Americans could try to cross the border. The Permanent Active Militia (PAM) is a country-wide association which is believed to have approximately 4,500 members across the country with its headquarters in Huntington, Ontario, near the Minnesota border. […] More

  • Couple Wins $420 Million after Betting on Donald Trump

    A couple from Utah just won $420,32 million after betting on Donald Trump for the presidential election. Frank and Drothy Miller were so deeply convinced that Mr Trump was destined to become president, that they decided almost a year ago to take a mortgage on their farm and bet everything they had on him. They placed all the money […] More

  • Woman in Coma After Fake Implants Explode During Workout

    Miami, Florida – A 23 year old woman, Amanda Rivera is in a coma after her butt and breast implants exploded during a Yoga session. According to medical reports and doctors, Amanda Rivera is in serious condition. Reportdly Rivera was working out with her sister, in downtown Miami. Rivera and her sister were in the “seated […] More

  • Woman Selling Virginity for £325,000 After Home BurnsDown

    A woman is auctioning her virginity for £325,000 to help her family following a devastating house fire. There, she is advertising herself for $400,000 – however she won’t accept a bid unless she feels a “connection” with the person. Her controversial decision has left some saying she should have sex for the first time out […] More

  • 13-Year-Old Girl Hire Killer Clown to Murder Her Teacher

    I think we just figured out why so many clowns have been seen prowling school campuses around the country… A 13-year-old girl was using social media to reach out to killer clowns online in an attempt to hire one to kill her teacher. The person she was trying to hire used a clown picture and […] More

  • Evidence Suggests Kim Kardashian Staged Robbery

    The world was shocked to learn that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint for over $10 million dollars worth of jewellery in Paris. But now a new theory suggests that all is not what it seems… The internet has begun hypothesizing that the brazen afternoon attack, may have all been staged in order to add […] More

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