INDIA: Elephants Killed 5 People

wild animal kills human

INDIA | Wild elephants were separated from the rest of their herd and waded across the Damodar River to enter Burdwan, when panicked villagers tried to drive them away by throwing stones at them, elephants became aggressive.

The enraged elephants ran through the streets of Burdwan trampling victims, said West Bengal forest minister Benoy Krishna Burman. Four people were killed, the India Times reported. A male elephant was killed after forestry officials shot him. The remaining three elephants, a female and two calves, escaped.

The rampage began, when the elephants were walking through a field. In a horribly graphic video, the elephants grabbed two men and flung them to the ground, killing them.

A villager described the chaos the animals were creating in the village.

“These elephants have been destroying our crop since last night, and now they have killed two of our own.”

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