Woman Kidnaps New Born Baby From L.A Hospital

A woman was so desperate to be a mother that she decided to do the unthinkable. According to police report, On April 23, Police investigators...

Model Shares ‘Di*k Pic’ On Social Media To Highlight Online Abuse

pic of junk in dm
I'm a little ruined. A photo posted by STINA SANDERS (@stinasanders) on Mar 25, 2016 at 6:10am PDT The London-based Model Stina Sanders is now speaking...

Sheep With A Human Face

Sheep with human face
A 45-year-old sheep farmer named Blasius Lavrentiev said he ‘nearly died’ when he saw it. Blasius was not expecting to see what he saw...

Husband Caught Cheating Wife With Her Bestfriend’s Husband

wife cheating with friends husband
The shocking story of a husband who explains how he caught his wife cheating on him with hr bestfriend's husband. The Husband Wrote – I’m like...

New Study Says Eating “B**ty” Causes Cancer

eating b**ty
While it’s a known fact that smoking cigarettes can cause cancer, a new study has revealed that "anallingus, otherwise known as eating b**ty" can...

Mother Stabs Kids To Death While Performing Exorcism On Them

mother stab children
Mother has been arrested for stabbing her own children to death... Police have arrested and charged Monifa Denise Sanford and Zakieya Latrice Avery with murder...