Man Spent £15,000 To Get ‘Monster’ Genitals

man get surgery to increase size
A married man who believes that size matters has spent £15,000 on PenisEnlargements in order to gain ‘monster’ genitals. According to report, the 25-year-old dad Leon Pastana...

Baby Fell From The Second Floor Of A Building

baby falls from building
The heart-stopping moment when a 14-month-old baby falls from a second floor of a building but miraculously survives. A CCTV footage shows the baby, named...

Prankster Faces Massive Backlash after Prank On Girlfriend Goes Viral For...

Brad Holmes, a well known internet prankster, has struck again, but this time he’s gone too far and people are letting him know it. In the latest...

Jakarta Man Claims He Can Lay Eggs

A man from Jakarta, claims he can lay eggs. Click to read full story.

Pastors Are Burning Themselves to Protest Gay Marriages

  Supreme court ruling recently extended equal rights to more Americans! First Slaves, then Women, now shockingly Sodomites ! Biblical law was always the cornerstone of...

Girl Guides On Taking D*ck Pics

pics for girls
Be honest, you have no idea what you were doing when it comes to seducing women. And you're even worse when it comes to...